Book Review: The Glass Spare

I actually started this book twice. It's one of those times where I read a few chapters and I'm just not that into it and then someone comes along and tells me to give it another try. Well fine, I'll gave the Glass Spare another try and it wasn't half bad! The Glass Spare by… Continue reading Book Review: The Glass Spare


I’m baaaaack!!

Hey guys heeeeey! So there was a time in my life when I was reading lots and lots of books and posting reviews and reading everyone's amazing blogs on books they've read, connected with amazing fellow readers online and everything was grand!!! But then I got pregnant. And then I had a baby. And then… Continue reading I’m baaaaack!!

top five tuesday

Top Five Tuesday: Series I want to start this year

Hey! I haven't done this in awhile, but I'm feeling a burst of energy so why not do some Top Five Tuesdays?! Thanks Shanah over at Bionic Bookworm for these prompts! Series I want to start this year! The Summoner series by Taran Matharu Okay for real, I've started this book 3 times. And I… Continue reading Top Five Tuesday: Series I want to start this year