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Grave Mercy Review


Grave Mercy

Read: June 12-13th

Rating: 3.5 stars


I actually started this book in summer 2015. But I was pregnant and had just puked my guts up and read the first chapter and decided I needed something happier than murderous nuns (pregnancy does weird things to me because murdeous nuns sounds freaking fantastic.) But I totally marked this book DNF and completely forgot about it!

But a friend of mine started reading it and I decided to read it with her (because I trust her so very much with my book reading needs,) and it was such a fun read for my family beach vacation. Because what is better than reading about doing the deeds of Death when your toddler is whining and crying all morning at the beach? I didn’t see the ocean till I was 23 you little turkey. You’d better appreciate us bringing you so much life and culture into your young life. (Some seagulls came and ate his Cheez Its and he ran into the ocean screaming so my morning was still freaking awesome.)

So this book is about Ismae who I guess is the daughter of Death(?) which was kind of weird for me, I mean how bad does your marriage have to suck for you to be banging Death? Anyway, so she ends up in this convent where she’s trained with others who have been touched by death to be awesome assassins and to kill traitors and bad guys who have been marked by Death. So Ismae trains and goes on this journey to carry out these assassinations when (dun dun DUUUNNN) she has to start questioning whether or not she should blindly follow the orders of the convent or listen to the orders of her heart.

I give this book 3.5 stars…maybe 3.75…right when it was starting to get slow it skipped ahead three years (I am so over long drawn out training in fantasy…just get to the part where you’re a killing machine, I don’t care about your sore muscles,) and went right into getting some killing assignments.

Duval is alright as a love interest. This is set in a time period where I don’t think people have to be super in love to be together so I didn’t really feel a strong connection between the two in their dialogue, more or less just Ismae telling me she was developing feelings, but I let it slide.

Overall I’d recommend this and I’d recommend that my son get his act together because we are going back to the beach and he’d better have a good time or I will make him have a good time!





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