The Valiant & Liberty review: books I will never ever finish

I have to admit that I have become somewhat of a story snob. I remember a point in my life where I used to read books that were actually terrible and think they were awesome or enjoy the majority of the movies that I saw. But, I have been reading excessively to the point now where I don’t want to read crappy books anymore and I hardly enjoy any new movies I see! If a book is boring, with little development, if the plot sucks, if there’s just not enough of the good stuff then I’m gonna put myself out of misery and shut the freaking book or widely complain that the movie was terrible even though everyone else on the planet loved it.

I was lucky enough to get to shut it down with TWO books this last week. Because they both were terrible and I could not force myself to continue on this path of lameness because my TBR is too excessive to allow that to happen.

Book number one! The Valiant

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.27.35 PM

I was really excited about reading The Valiant. Female gladiators?! Are you serious?! Sounds like a whole lot of ass kicking was going to go down with a lot of revenge and dark secrets and stabbing. Isn’t that what it sounds like? I’m going to rename The Valiant to The Tedious. Because this book was so boring and terrible. I did read 40% of it before I just determined that this book was not for me and my eyes were in physical pain trying to soldier through this boringness.

Things that made this book suck:

1. The setting was very confusing to me. The author names like 15 different tribes all the time and I have no clue what is different about any of these places. I don’t even remember of the place the MC is from because there were so many different villages that she kept referencing! What?! And when the author doesn’t explain these things, it makes me feel like the author thinks I’m an idiot. She’s like, “I know you don’t know what this is but I don’t care.” UGH.


2. Fallon is not a consistent character. She starts off super amazing warrior awesome, and then she’s not…but then she is again?! But then she’s back to being weak sauce…She’s apparently trained her whole life to be a warrior and is able to fight off grown men while chained to another person, but when she’s training with other women she’s talking about how her wrists are weak and she can’t hold a sword properly and she can’t fight…WHAT. What. WHAT?

3. So boring. SO BORING. I stopped at 40% and this was the part where she started being a gladiator and she’s starting to have drama with other girls and I do not care. I signed up for this book because I thought that I was going to be reading about a GLADIATOR. And half the book goes by without that happening.

Just. No. No to this book. I’m so disappointed because I wanted to care for Fallon and be excited for her but instead I’m annoyed with her. And bored with her. And she says some line at one point like, “I know one thing, I hate Caius.” And I’m like I BET SHE’S GONNA END UP WITH HIM! And I do not care to see it happen. I DON’T CARE.




Next book. Libery: The Spy who (kind of) liked me (and the book that completely sucked)

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.30.40 PM

I read about 5 or 6 chapters of this book before I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to the science of making books come alive just so I could find this MC in the flesh and slap her in the face.

This book is told obnoxiously in first person. Paige’s parents are dead and her voice in discussing the matter is very very detached. She doesn’t seem like she’s grieving at all. She makes comments about not feeling sorry for her and tells a STUPID story about being a liberal in an Applebees. (Seriously, the stupidest story I’ve ever ever ever read and her arrogance in that scene is so frustrating.)

I quit this book because I hate Paige. And I don’t usually use the word hate for anything except tomatoes. But she is fiction, so I don’t care by saying that I want to slap her in the face. Have you ever met someone who has lost someone close to them? They don’t sound like Paige. That’s what was so frustrating to me. Paige is making flippant comments and is telling this story and I just. AH! No.

No to these books. No. No. No.

Here’s to hoping that the next books I read I will have the capacity to finish!



8 thoughts on “The Valiant & Liberty review: books I will never ever finish”

  1. I’ve found myself more judgmental with books than I used to be. I still enjoy most of what I read but I look back on many things I “LOVED” in middle school and now I just think it’s okay… But it’s kinda fun to see how my favorite novels have changed and how I slowly move my old favorites to make room for my new favorites on my bookshelf.
    I used to always power through books that I wasn’t enjoying but I’ve found that just leads to reading slumps. Now, if I’m not feeling a book, I usually just give up.

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    1. I was so disappointed! But you never know, you could love it…….I don’t know how. You’d have to explain that to me and then I might change my mind and pick it back up!


      1. Haha! Usually I find the blogosphere is more lenient towards books than I am (though not always), but I tend to listen when a lot of people think a book was just alright or not good at all!

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